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First Name: Luis
Country: Mexico
Last Login Country: Colombia
City: Puebla de Los Angeles
Birth Date: 30 Birželio 1983
Sex: men
Seeks:  women, friends
Purpose:  Penpal, Casual dating, Short term, Marriage, Long term, Socializing
Height: 171-175 cm
Education: Bachelor
Body Type: Average
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Interests:  Sport, Movies, Music, Literature, IT / Internet, Cooking, Art, Travelling, Photography
Occupation:  History, Food Industry, Tourism
Languages:  English, Spanish, Italian, French
Music:  Rock, RnB, Latino
Additional Info: 
hello i'm a mexican guy
who would like to meet any nice people from lituania
it's awesome cause thanks to this site, i've met already a person who i found in this site
a lithuanian girl who was visiting mexico.
i think this is an awesome tool to get know about lithuanian culture.
and i'm really amazed how nice and interesting can be lithuanian people.
Nickname: mictlantecutli
Member from: 26 Rugsėjo 2006
Last Access: 18 Lapkričio 2019 22:49
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Desnuda- Ricardo Arjona
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Cuanto Amor me Das- Eros Ramazzotti
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Posted: 30 Birželio 2009 19:31
[d6] [d6] [d6] [f37] [d6] [d6] [d6]
Posted: 10 Sausio 2007 18:49
Muy linda y amigable persona, gracias por la clase de español :)
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