Frequently Asked Questions
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Ultra Hot Line

My account

1. I forgot my password to access my account, what I have to do?
You have 3 ways to access.
1. If you aren't loged-in, follow the link in the top meniu [Forgot Password] and fill the form with your nickname or e-mail address. The TEMPORARY password will be sent to e-mail in few minutes. We use your main e-mail from our database, that you has given us at registration or changed in your profile later.
2. If you have filled Secret Question and Secret Answer fields in you account, you will be allowed to guess it. On successful try you will be loged-in instantly and must enter new password.
3. Also if you have added your Lithuanian mobile phone number to your account, you can send SMS request for TEMPORARY password. You will receive your password only if phone number that you requested for password matches phone number of your account.
2. How to change my account information?
Follow link in the top meniu "Settings".
3. How to delete my account?
Follow link in the top meniu "Settings" and next "Delete my account".
Important! After using of this function all your account information will be deleted and can't be restored. Please think twice of your choice consequences.
Our system keeps your deleted profile data up to 20 days aftere deletion. You are able to login and restore your account during this period.
4. I changed my profile info, why they aren't refreshing?
New information will be added/refreshed in a few minutes when database collects all cached data. Most of data flush period is 5 minutes.
5. Why my (or other member's) account can't be found via search or isn't displayed in Friend Lists?
If the search values/criterias are correct, possibly you are pending of new photos confirmation. Administration will check and approve/deny your new photos as soon as possible.
You always can check your status of photos in top meniu page "Settings" near the link "Change my photos" - (Pending/Approved/Real).
To avoid photos approval on each upload we advice to get status "Picture is Real", but it's easy to loose if your don't violate Photos Uploading Rules.
6. When I try to login system shows error "Profile is Disabled" or "Profile is Frozen". What does it mean?
Your profile was disabled because of Terms and Conditions ignoring or violating.
Your profile won't be enabled ever, later it will be deleted from database. Administration won't give you an explanation about this decision.
7. The person's data (messages, comments, profile) just gone. Why it may happen?
Probably this user was disabled or frozen.
Why it happened you can read one answer above.
8. I had lost/deleted some data in my profile (e.g. messages), may you restore it?
No, we aren't doing such things as data restore.
We can only restore your photos, if some moderator has recently deleted them. If you have such situation, please Contact Us.
9. Near Inbox/Friends link system shows some invalid number of new messages or pending friends and I don't see that data. What's that?
Such situation sometime appears cause databases sinchronization. This mistake will be fixed soon automatically, you don't have to worry - here is no new letters or friends :)
10. I see less friends in my member details page than I have in my account, why?
It means that some of your friends now is waiting their data or pictures approval from administration. When new data wil be checked they will be shown in your details, don't worry :)
11. I have selected false Gender or Age and I can't change it ow, what I have to do?
Please Contact Us and write your true Gender or Birth Date.


1. Why photos that I uploaded are not published?
Probably your photo(-s) violated one of the Photos Uploading Rules.
2. What's a "Pictures are Real" label in user profile?
Users with this status are real, that means they really exists. Them don't need to wait while administrators checks their photos and approves it for public view or deletes it.
3. How to get status "Prictures Are Real"?
There are two ways to get it:
1. Upload a picture holding a sign "PAZINTYS.COM"
2. Upload a semi-official document (e.g. Student ID)
After uploading a picture you'll need to wait while administration checks it. If photos are acceptable, administration will grant you "Pictures Are Real" status.
You can upload your real photo here »
4. Who can help me about uploading photos on system?
All your questions or problems about photo uploading to system you can send to administrator "Photos".
5. Why I can't upload photos anymore?
Check uploading, maybe for your account function to upload photos was disabled.
It could be disabled cause your often violations of Photos Uploading Rules.
Contact administrator "Photos".
6. Why I'm allowed to upload only up to 5 photos?
The number of photos you're allowed to upload depends of the current membership you have :
silver members can upload up to 5 photos;
golden members can upload up to 10 photos:
VIP members can upload up to 22 photos.
Simple members can buy abbility to upload 10 or 22 photos following link on top meniu "Settings" and next "Add more photos" below My Addons.
7. Can I Hide some of my photos and decide myself who'll have a permission to view it?
Yes, this function is called Granted - your chosen photos are locked down so that to see them, user has to request for your permission and you just have to let allow or deny this request.
"Granted" function is available only for VIP users, requests - for everyone.
8. My photos were deleted. Why?
Administration doesn't know exactly every photos deletion reason. Ofcourse your photo doesn't violated Photos Uploading Rules. The definite answer was automatically sent to your inbox.
Please don't ask administration reason of deletion.
9. Why was my GIF Picture deleted, although I paid for it?
For GIF type pictures uploading validates all Photo Uploading Rules, picture must not to violate them. If your GIF picture will be deleted, you won't chargeback credits spent for it.
10. Do you create a GIF format pictures?
No, we just allow to upload GIF type of pictures into user's profile.
You must to do GIF yourself using some media editor program.
11. How long tooks to check my photos and let me be visible in Search and Friend Lists?
That action tooks from few minutes if it's daytime and up to 1-2 days if it's weekend or day-off. We are working 24/7, but sometime we have too much members pending with new photos. Our moderators aren't robots and they also loves communicating not only in virtual world :)
We appologise if you'll have to wait some time. Please be patient and understand us.
12. How to report a fake user or photos, if I know that he/she isn't real member?
In each member's details page is link "[Report a fake]" - please use it. You must to prove that you are right, only "I know" is not a prove.

Memberships and Credits

1. Why after buying a privilegious membership or some addon I don't see any new functions?
You need to logout and login to system again :)
2. How to buy credits?
Follow link in the top meniu "Credits".
You can buy credits by sending SMS, credit card or via direct bank payment.
3. How to send a credits to other user or to buy him a privilegious membership?
In each member details page are displayed credits and gift icons, use them.
4. What I can do with credits?
Send SMS for all operators from your number »
Post messages in hotline »
Publicate your surveys »
Surprise other users with simpathys (icon links on each member profile)
Guess your Secret Admirers »
Send preseted birthday greetings »
Buy a privilegious (Gold/VIP) membership »
Buy some of extra services on Addons »
Upload a GIF image to your profile »
and more other good features on ;)
5. I received a message from admin, that my membership expires in few days. How can I avoid it?
Your membership expires because it was bought or presented for you for some term.
If you want to prolong it please check which type membership do you have - Gold or VIP. You can see it following top meniu link "Info", near link "My Status" - ... member till ... .
You can prolong your membership manually following link "My Status". Please select for which term - 1, 6 or 12 month.
If you have enough credits for your membership one month's prolongation (e.g. Gold membership for one month costs 40 credits) your membership will be prolonged automatically for one month charging your credits from your account.


1. Why in my profile says that for rating or responsiveness are not enough data?
Because for your profile (or other member) have voted not enough members;
You/other member have replied not enough messages.
2. How system sorts a Friends List?
Firstly it's by membership type - VIP, Gold and Simple users. In each membership type friends category they are sorted by membership expiration date. More member's membership validates till - more above member is displayed.
3. How system counts the rating?
It's all votes average that were voted for member ever.
One rating star means 20% of member's rating.
4. TOP girls and boys sorting rules?
TOP users are sorting by their rating.
5. Why my profile counter data was deleted?
Every month all profiles' views are deleted and counts from zero.
6. Why I have less Popular stars in my profile than I had before?
Popularity stars depends of your account views number. Each month they are restored to zero. One Popularity star is 1.000 views. All users are sorted by their views in "Popular" list of search option in site left menu.
7. Other members are voting for me, but my rating doesn't changes, why?
Rating is recounted each 20 days, so you have to wait while data refreshes.
8. Why I don't see the rating and stars in my details?
The rating isn't shown in your details because your profile hasn't enough votes. Profile of girl should have at least 35 votes of registrated boys and boys profile - at least 25 votes of registrated girls. The numbers are different because girls votes less than boys. The votes of the same gender aren't counted.


1. I have a problem with "" registration. Who can help me?
All "" registration questions can answer user "jurgitacom". Good luck!
2. How to post a message in every page top?
This is HotLine's message. It will be shown for all users in all pages top for 30 minutes. After this period your text will "fall" into HotLine mesages list and shown here until other users will post 20 messages. To post it click HotLine in top menu and next Create »
3. How to add member to my Friend List?
In each member profile information page below photos is a button "Add to Friends". Use this button and wait while other member approves your request to be his/her friend. During this time he/she will be shown in your Friend List as "Pending". After approving you will be added to his/her Friends List or your request to be a friends may be canceled.
4. Where to find members list who viewed my profile?
This function allowed only for Gold or VIP members.
If you are privilegious member, in the top meniu follow the link "Viewers". Here you are able to view last 50 of your profile viewers.
5. How to delete friend from the Friends List?
Follow link in the top meniu "Friends", in this page click link "Edit".
Now you can delete undesirable friends.
6. How to ignore user messages?
Follow link in the top meniu "Ignored". Also near members in some pages is button "Ignore" for quick add.
Please notice that this function ignores not only messages from blocked members, but in most cases you don't see any info of such member (search, listings, etc.).
7. I want to delete friend's comment in my profile, is it possible?
Delete only comment is not allowed. But if you'll delete friend who posted that comment from your Friends List, comment will be deleted automatically.
8. How to delete a kiss, love or cool from my photos?
This is not allowed.
Kiss, love or cool icon will be shown on your photos one month.
But, you have to glad, someone realy likes you ;)
9. Why from my/other user account photos disappeared kiss, love or cool simpathy?
Surprise on a photo will be shown only one month from it sent date.
Also, remember that one member to other can send only one same type sympathy. Others are just counted as month+.
You can have maximum 6 kiss or love icons on your photos, the oldest will be deleted automatically if someone will send for you a love or kiss and it will be more than 6'th at your profile.
10. Why in my profile aren't links "Kiss me!" or "I love you!"?
User cannot kiss or love himself.
Don't worry, other users can see those links on your profile.
11. Why I can't see/use some portal functions that I was able before?
Check the differences of memberships, maybe you aren't privilegious member or your membership/addon has expired.
You can read more about memberships here »

Ultra Hot Line

1. Who is able to announce messages in Ultra Hot Line?
Everybody, who has enough credits for that service.
2. How long my message will be shown in the running line?
Your message in the Runing HotLine will be shown 30 minutes. After this period your text will "fall" into HotLine list.
3. Who can see my message?
Your message in Running Hot Line and in Hot Line List will see all members, except those, who has been added as Blacklist Members by message author. In this case hotline message won't be shown for site visitors, who aren't loged-in.
4. Why my message disappear?
The message could disappear because of 3 reasons:
1. The HotLine is full and your message fell out (the HotLine keeps up to 20 messages and the eldest are deleted).
2. In your message was found advertising or personal contacts. If it was such, moderator has deleted it.
3. if you posted the message and you don't see it in Running HotLine, it means that here is no empty possitions. Your message will be shown after there will be free possitions.
The advertisement in portal without administration agreement is strictly forbidden. You also can't announce your personal contacts, slanderous or other information, which is mentioned in §3 of Terms and Conditions (Forbidden content).
5. What should I do if my message was deleted?
If your message was deleted and you received warning-letter, please pay attention to your announcements. If administration will recognize your violation 3 times, you will be blocked at least for 7 days and you won't be able to post HotLine messages. By regular violations your profile will be deleted immediately without warning.