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First Name: Patrick
Country: Germany
Last Login Country: Germany
City: Krefeld
Birth Date: 8 Lapkričio 1983
Sex: men
Seeks:  women
Purpose:  Casual dating, Marriage, Long term
Height: 201-205 cm
Education: Master
Body Type: Athletics
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Black
Salary: more than 10000Lt
Interests:  Sport, Auto / Moto, Movies, Music, Literature, IT / Internet, Fashion, Pets, Sex
Occupation:  Computer Science
Languages:  Lithuanian, English, German, French
Music:  POP / Dance, Hip hop / Rap, Rock, RnB
Auto: Ford Mustang GT
Additional Info: 
Tell us a little about yourself: Hey there. My name is Patrick and iam native German with Lithuanian roots, so i can be rude on russian : ) . My parents and grandparents came to Germany ages ago and i raised here in Krefeld, a huge City in Western Germany near Dusseldorf or Cologne. Iam over 202 cm heigth, athletic and have no interests in german girls. They are too cold hearted, i know all people from eastern europe are diffrent, they are warm and friendly and have the most beautiful and cute girls. Thats why iam on this site. To find the partner for my life. Iam working for Microsoft as Department Manager Technical Engineering EMEA. Now i have time to serve my need for love. I can offer my girlfriend, maybe later wife a life without any concerns about money.
I’m looking for in a person: She should be cute, humoristic, tall, romantic and have MSN / ICQ / Skype. The Ford Mustang GT Premium 2010 on my pictures is mine. If you like Muscle Cars, we have some likes.
University/College/Technical School info:
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