How much should I buy?

I read a blog of miss Wigger (, Buy me, will you? 03/19/2010) and decided to add some comments. The systems said – it is to long for comment – so, it became a new voice. Do we always sells our self? Well, - Yes.. Does it make us happy? No. There were just some smatter ideas of social side of human relations. Let's look deeper.
Actually we do have culture of consuming. Nowadays western and capitalism culture should be called century of consumption. This is the real outcome of this topic. All the rest are constructed around the idea of consumption. That’s ok, we really need new clothes, food, cars, plains, iPhones and bigger houses. Let’s look to other side of the same medal. It will be the emotional side. We have everything and we are not happy or we are happy five minutes straight after we brought new nice toy. Basically the emotional idea of our happiness is created around the outside symbols. Recognition in the company, career, new comfort standard, new black, more money and visual idea of grater safeness gives us a feel about rising quality of life and satisfaction. It became an inside motivation, engine and fuel of our life. So, we have to market our self, our service, our goods, our street, our school or job. Part of marketing is a promotion (advertising). This is just a tool and nothing more. You can make whole in your wall and put new painter or create a new banner on website. There are just tools for something. Somebody said: a person, who knows how to do things, always will have a job; a person who knows why it should be done, always will be his boss.
So why do we have this kind of culture? Maybe it’s easy to have it. Much more easy way is to change our environment and to build a new spaceship. We proudly can say – we step on the moon. Sounds good, just do not have any sense. Of course, lets’ be honest and objective. We have well developed medicine, we live as long as never, we have possibilities, which hundred years before were affordable only for kings and queens. It’s nice and justifying arguments. The only question is – how far we will go with these arguments? Don’t you think, that it makes disbalance in our life’s?
I will tell some ideas, which should confuse us. I know that we are clever enough to understand world around us, just do not have time for it. I would like to write about happiness as it self’s. Of course, all we are different. All we need different things. Somebody needs new bmw, some new brunette or blonde, somebody, like me – to write in English. It’s ok, but we should step upper and look from higher perspectives. What should we see? Wild animals do need totally the same things. New cave, new blonde, new food, kids, territory, water and so on and so far. It does look for as simple things, but not for them. All these things are theirs iPhones and iTunes. Just a small question do they (animals) feel happy? I don’t know. Actually they do not have nerve-centers as humans do. They do not have such sophisticated emotions as humans do. Finally they do not have imagination as humans have. But, the idea of example is to feel – do the outside symbols and Goods make our satisfaction or something different? Hypothetically, our minds, our imagination and management of our expectations should let us feel the most happy in the world. It means, our efforts should change the course and to step away from creation of outside symbols, and turn into discipline of mind and development of thinking. It should make us strong and smart as never human was before. Despite of this, it should give us happiness, what all we are looking.
I have to say sorry for some mistakes, the purpose was to develop my English, and I feel a little bit more happy ;-)
JohnyBi (Arturas, 33) 2011 Vasario 20 20:08  
How pure is madness?

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