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First Name: Egscout
Country: Hong Kong
Birth Date: 10 Birželio 1981
Sex: men
Seeks:  women
Purpose:  Socializing
Height: 176-180 cm
Body Type: Athletics
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Interests:  Fashion
Occupation:  Fashion Modeling
Languages:  English
Additional Info: 
EG Scout is official scout center of Liberta Model Agency ( ) , based in Hong Kong and Istanbul . We are entering to finding plus size models in Scandinavian and Baltic market .
In addition to aspiring models, EG scouting
welcomes large & small modelling agencies, mother agents , ,
Latest forum posts:
- Models to ASIA (1) 2013-12-23 12:26
Its good chance that EG Scout and Liberta Model Ag...
Nickname: EGSCOUT
Member from: 23 Gruodžio 2013
Last Access: 23 Gruodžio 2013 12:33
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