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First Name: Kamile
Country: Lithuania
Last Login Country: Lithuania
State / Region: Vilniaus
City: Vilnius
Birth Date: 13 Vasario 1990
Sex: women
Seeks:  men
Purpose:  Sex
Height: 160-165 cm
Education: College / A.A.
Body Type: Lean
Eye Color: You will like it
Hair Color: Brown
Salary: 2001Lt - 3000Lt
Interests:  Fashion, Sex
Occupation:  Biology
Languages:  Lithuanian, Italian, Turkish
Music:  POP / Dance, Hip hop / Rap
Auto: BMV
Member's school info:
City: Vilnius
Nickname: grazuolyteaaaa
Member from: 21 Rugpjūčio 2011
Last Access: 23 Rugpjūčio 2011 18:18
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