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as 2010 lenktynese ;D Paulina 25 paulyte41 Paulina 25 paulyte41
as 2010 lenktynese ;D
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First Name: Paulina
Country: United Kingdom
State / Region: England
City: east london
Birth Date: 26 Gegužės 1995
Sex: women
Seeks:  friends
Purpose:  Penpal, Casual dating, Socializing
Height: 166-170 cm
Education: High school
Body Type: Average
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Interests:  Sport, Movies, Music, Travelling
Occupation:  Actor
Languages:  Lithuanian, English
Music:  Hip hop / Rap, RnB, Electro
Nickname: paulyte41
Member from: 29 Liepos 2010
Last Access: 24 Sausio 2011 19:46
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